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Vídeo We Need To Talk About The Gavin Free Meg Turney Home Invasion, Vanessa Trump, and More...

I was unsure how to talk about this, but it’s important to remind everyone these are REAL PEOPLE we are talking about.\nNordVPN is offering my viewers 77% off 3 year plans! Just go to \nGet Early Access To The App & Join DeFranco Elite!:\nDON'T watch the end of this video…:\nNew TheDeFrancoFam!:\n————————————\nWant to support the show, AND get cool stuff?!\n————————————\nSign up to to get early vlogs, bonus videos, exclusive livestreams, exclusive posters and mugs, and private Discord access.\nSign up for Postmates (Awesome Food/Drink Delivery) use code \

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‘Cornerstore Caroline’ Viral Video Outrage, Warren DNA Results, & Trump Comments on Saudi Journalist
MONDAY. Hope y’all had a good weekend, Nation. Let’s just jump into it…\nCheck out - Sign up for Postmates, use code “PhillyD” and get $100 FREE DELIVERY CREDIT!\nHere's a final update regarding BetterHelp:\nMissed Our Last Show?:\nGhost Hunting In The Oman House:\n————————————\nFollow Me On\n————————————\nTWITTER:\nFACEBOOK:\nINSTAGRAM:\n————————————\nToday in Awesome:\n————————————\nPretentious Beanie!\nAladdin Teaser Trailer:\nJonathan (2018) Official Trailer:\nJeff Bridges Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters:\nHistory Buffs | The Death of Stalin:\nJohn Mulaney, Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate:\nEllen and Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins Play 'Fortnite':\nLucas The Spider- Scary Stories:\nSecret Link:\n————————————\nImportant Links/Sources:\n————————————\n‘Cornerstore Caroline’ Viral Video:\n\n\n\nElizabeth Warren DNA Test:\n\n\n\n\nJamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance:\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n————————————\nEdited by: James Girardier\nProduced by: Amanda Morones\nArt Director: Brian Borst\nWriting/Research: Philip DeFranco, Cecelia Applegate, Neena Pesqueda, Dylan Siegel\n————————————\n#DeFranco #Trump #CornerstoreCaroline\n————————————
DISGUSTING! Deleted Video Exposes HUGE Problem In DO5 YouTube Scandal
It’s time to clear some things up and respond to the accusations being thrown around…\n(Update: DO5 Mike Martin messaged me after post to say that the video where the young boy slaps the girl, was removed by Youtube, not deleted)\nOh no… Not again…\nTheDeFrancoFam Vlog:\n————————————\nYouTube Abuse Scandal Apology And Why It Fails To Fix Anything:\nWOW… We Need to Talk About This... :\n————————————\nSTORIES:\nDaddyoFive Abuse Scandal:\n\nMy Original Coverage:\n\n\n\nUPDATE:\n\n\nInterviews:\n-\n-\n-\n\nVideos:\n-\n-\n-\n-\n-\n\n————————————\nGET SOME GEAR:\n————————————\nFACEBOOK:\nTWITTER:\nINSTAGRAM:\nSNAPCHAT: TheDeFrancoFam\nREDDIT:\nITUNES:\nSOUNDCLOUD:\nGOOGLE PLAY:\n————————————\nEdited by:\nJames Girardier -\n\nProduced by:\nAmanda Morones -\n\nMotion Graphics Artist:\nBrian Borst -
The History of Gavin Free's Desks
THE 5 BIGGEST DBAGS OF 2016...bleh
Nation, I wanted to sum up this year and leave you with the TOP 5 DBAGS! I hope you enjoy! I know there were a lot more, so let me know who the Nation forgot to add to the list in the comments down below! \n————————————\nWatch the Docuvlogs!: \nTheDeFrancoFam Vlog:\n————————————\nFollow Me On Social!\n————————————\nFACEBOOK:\nTWITTER:\nINSTAGRAM:\nSNAPCHAT: TheDeFrancoFam\nREDDIT: \nITUNES: \nSOUNDCLOUD:\nGOOGLE PLAY:\n\nEdited by:\nJames Girardier:\n\nProduced by: \nAmanda Morones:\n\nMotion Graphics Artist\nBrian Borst:\n\nMailing Address:\nAttn: Philip DeFranco\n6433 Topanga Canyon Blvd #805 \nCanoga Park, CA 91303
CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBERS IN THIS EPISODE!\nSUBSCRIBE THEN HIT THE ! New Videos 2pm PT on FBE\nWatch all main React episodes:\n\nFor Valentine's Day, the Ten Minute Kiss Challenge reacted to by YouTubers! If you take on this challenge, use #TenMinuteKissChallenge!\n\nFeatured YouTubers:\nAlex Dorame & Johnnie Guilbert\n\n\n\nBria & Chrissy\n\n\nBecky & Keith Habersberger\n\n\nDennis Villa & Natalies Outlet\n\n\n\nHannah Hart & Ella Mielniczenko\n\n\nJack Douglass & Erin\n\n\n\nLaurDIY & Alex Wassabi\n\n\n\nPhilip DeFranco & Lindsay DeFranco\n\n\n\nMERCH 👕\n\nFollow Fine Brothers Entertainment:\nFBE WEBSITE:\nFBE CHANNEL:\nREACT CHANNEL:\nBONUS CHANNEL:\nFACEBOOK:\nFACEBOOK:\nTWITTER:\nINSTAGRAM:\nSNAPCHAT:\nSOUNDCLOUD:\niTUNES (Podcast):\nGOOGLE PLAY (Podcast):\nMUSICAL.LY: @fbe\nTWITCH:\n\nSEND US STUFF:\nFBE\nP.O. BOX 4324\nValley Village, CA 91617-4324\n\nCreators & Executive Producers - Benny Fine & Rafi Fine\nHead of Post Production - Nick Bergthold\nSr. Associate Producer - Kyle Segal\nAssociate Producer - Ethan Weiser, Vartuhi Oganesyan\nJr. Associate Producer - JC Chavez\nProduction Coordinator - Cynthia Garcia\nStudio Technician - Josh Hilton\nProduction Assistant - Lauren Hutchinson, Jayden Romero\nEditor - Alyssa Salter\nAssistant Editor - Nicole Worthington, Lizzy Siskind\nDirector of Production - Drew Roder\nAssistant Production Coordinator - Kristy Kiefer\nPost Supervisor - Adam Speas, David Valbuena\nSet Design - Melissa Judson\nMusic - Cormac Bluestone\n\n© Fine Brothers Entertainment\n\nYouTubers React #163 - YOUTUBE COUPLES REACT TO 10 MINUTE KISS CHALLENGE (#TenMinuteKissChallenge)
Batman Forever - Nostalgia Critic
Thanks to our sponsor Black Tux. Rent your suit from Black Tux here & use code Nostalgia for $20 off!\n\nThe Last Angry Geek joins the review of one of the strangest Batman movies made. Some have a soft spot for Batman Forever, but is there really anything of worth? \n\nCheck out Last Angry Geek's channel -\nCheck out the RiffTrax here -\nSupport this weeks charity -\n\nBatman Forever is a 1995 American superhero film directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by Tim Burton, based on the DC Comics character Batman. It is the third installment of the initial Batman film series, with Val Kilmer replacing Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman.\n\nGo to our Store for Awesome Stuff -\nGet some Nostalgia Critic T-Shirts here -\nSee more at our Site:\nFacebook:\nTwitter:\nInstagram:\nLike Doug on Facebook:\n\nThe ONLY Official Youtube channel for the Nostalgia Critic and Channel Awesome.\n\nNew Nostalgia Critic episodes every Wednesday at 5PM CST.\n\nNew Top 5 Best/Worst every Tuesday at 5PM CST\n\nNew Real Thoughts or 1st Viewing episodes every Thursday at 5PM CST.\n\nNew Tamara's Never Seen every Friday at 5PM CST.\n\nClassic Nostalgia Critic episodes are uploaded after they are cleared. TV Show Vlogs are uploaded on an inconsistent schedule, so check the playlists. Same with Doug Reviews, Sibling Rivalry, and Bum Reviews.
TanaCon Cancelled Disaster Explained, New Evidence Public, Bella Thorne, & Permit Patty
Welcome back, ya Beautiful Bastards! We got a lot to talk about today… \nGo build a website and get 10% off with Squarespace! :\nMissed Thursday’s show?:\nCheck Out the Latest Vlog!:\n————————————\nSupport The Show (Sponsors/Support Below)\n———————————— \n - Subscribe for exclusives, early videos, and MUCH MORE!\n - Affordable private online counseling with licensed therapists at your fingertips!\nHelp Links:\n - Sign up for Postmates, use code “PhillyD” and get $100 FREE DELIVERY CREDIT!\n————————————\nFollow Me On\n————————————\nTWITTER:\nFACEBOOK:\nINSTAGRAM:\n————————————\nToday in Awesome:\n————————————\nThe Equalizer 2 Official Trailer 2:\nThe Cell Saga in 5 Minutes:\nWestworld The Valley Beyond BTS:\nThird Leg Studios: Toxic Masculinity:\nKing of Thieves Teaser Trailer:\nAlison Brie & Marc Maron Answer Web’s Most Searched Questions:\nSecret Link:\n————————————\nSources/Important Links:\n————————————\nMonalisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz Update:\n\n\n\n\n\n\n#PermitPatty \n \n \n \n \n\nTanacon vs. Vidcon\n\n\n\n———————————— \nWanna send us stuff? \nATTN: Philip DeFranco - Rogue Rocket\n4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #760\nValley Village, CA 91607\n———————————— \nWanna listen on the go?\n-ITUNES:\n-SOUNDCLOUD:\n________________________\nEdited by:\nJames Girardier - \n\nProduced by: \nAmanda Morones -\n\nMotion Graphics Artist:\nBrian Borst -\n————————————
4 Ton Wrecking Ball in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
Gavin Free - Beer Spill Compilation (Extended) - Rooster Teeth
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