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Vídeo COSTUMBRES RURALES Albesa Ramadera- Bloque 3

Alimentación de Porcinos en España - Albesa Ramadera - Master en producción porcina.\n\nBloque 3 de 3

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That's Why School Lessons Last Exactly 45 Minutes
Have you ever wondered why your classes are so long? If you’re sitting in class, bored out of your mind, wondering who came up with the idea of making the lesson so long, you’re about to find out! \n\nSome people claim that 9-year-old children, for example, can concentrate for an hour. However, according to The Washington Post, physiologically, after just 20 minutes of sitting, the brain starts to receive less oxygen and glucose, which decreases concentration. We're about to tell you how class duration was determined and about the intense debate surrounding class timings, which started centuries ago and is still raging!\n\nTIMESTAMPS: \nWho to blame for having to get up so early to head to school 0:59\nHow the 45-minute system was established 2:09\nHow the USA established their education system 4:43\nThe “A Nation at Risk” report 6:07\nStrong debate 7:28\n\n#schoolsystem #educationsystem #circadianrhythm\n\nMusic by Epidemic Sound \n\nSUMMARY:\n- The educational system of the country you live in might have been inspired by the Prussian school system. So if you live in the United States, Germany, Finland, or the UK, you’re affected by the decisions Prussia made in the 19th century.\n- Back then, critics weren’t so concerned about children having time to chill, but they were concerned that digestion seemed to cause an afternoon lull after lunch, preventing children from concentrating.\n- The circadian clock expects you to digest food at certain times, so your energy levels dip between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.\n- In the US, the state of Massachusetts was trying to find the best educational approach. Horace Mann, the secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education at the time, was trying to understand why children were so unruly at school.\n- Massachusetts became the first state to provide all citizens with free education. During the next 66 years, all the other states followed its example and taught the Prussian way.\n- In 1983, the US government called for education reform in the “A Nation at Risk” report. The report declared that the educational system was starting to slide.\n- The conclusion was that schools would start to use computers and new software, but the system itself remains largely unchanged.\n- The Prussian system has been adopted as a “one size fits all” approach, and it has been criticized for this reason. Not everyone learns at the same pace and with the same methodology because we’re all different!\n\nSubscribe to Bright Side :\n\n----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\nOur Social Media:\n\nFacebook:\nInstagram:\n\n5-Minute Crafts Youtube:\n\n----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\nFor more videos and articles visit:\n
This 'Airbnb For Pre-k' Startup Wants To Disrupt Preschool (HBO)
A new startup in San Francisco is trying to disrupt early childhood education. Wonderschool’s online platform looks like an Airbnb for pre-K. But the company also provides a series of services - with the goal of making it easier for people to create a preschool in their own home. The company helps with credentialing, setting up programs, launching websites and boosting enrollment.\n\nThe startup recently received $20 million in venture capital funding. They now have more than 140 partner centers in New York and California. Wonderschool’s business model works because licensing requirements for in-home preschools are often less strict than center-based ones.\n\nFor example, to open an in-home program in California, you don’t need much more than vaccines and to pass a background test. To work at a center, you need months of early childhood education. And studies show kids who attend centers do better at math and reading in elementary school.\n\nSubscribe to VICE News here:\n\nCheck out VICE News for more:\n\nFollow VICE News here:\nFacebook:\nTwitter:\nTumblr:\nInstagram:\nMore videos from the VICE network:
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